Is it normal to worry about the shape of your body? Because I'm starting to feel a little self-conscious about mine. I'm proud of my other physical features, like my eyes, nose, hair, face and so on. I'm also comfortable about the shape of my back; its broad, which I used to hate but now I'm OK with it. It's the shape of my waist that I'm concerned about; while one side looks curvy, the other side is unequal. And it's not in my imagination, I know for a fact that it is. My Mum tells me that I have a nice shape and that it is hourglass-shaped, which I hear happens to be the most desired female body shape, but I'm not so sure. Its not that I'm trying to be more beautiful than anybody else and I'm not the self-absorbed type of person, but I just want to feel comfortable about being in my own skin. And is there anything wrong, like, in terms of genetics, if one side of my waist is out of sync with the other? I hope this all makes sense and I would appreciate any help.