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    Jul 12, 2007, 07:16 PM
    Dark patch on cheek
    I am 60 yr old post menopausal women with (skin type 1V) had a small 1cm tiny light dark patch over my left cheek(driving side),which got much bigger post application of " Tri-luma" prescribed by dermatologist with no proper instructions for absolute sun avoidance. Since than I have under gone very expensive Fraxel laser therapy which made it much worse.

    I was told that improper earlier Tri-luma therapy my skin pigment gone from superficial epidermal problem to treatment refractory mixed Melasma with involvement of epidermal and dermal.

    My personal research on internet I read that "Mendalic acid" helps this problem without side affect what are products which carry this.
    Also a skin lightener compound "4-(1-phenylethyl)1,3-benzenediol" lighten the skin generally and 22 times more potent then Kojic acid. Do you know any skin lighting product carry this ingredient?
    I highly appreciate any informed suggestions and advice.
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    Jul 13, 2007, 07:43 PM
    Tri-Luma is a strong prescription treatment that contains hydroquinone and corticosteroid, which can leave a blue-black darkening of the skin. People with sensitive skin should not use Tri-Luma. If you have melasma or hyperpigmentation, there are other ingredients that can treat it, such as kojic acid, tretinoin, mulberry or nicotinic acid. You should consider seeing another dermatologist. He/she can prescribe a treatment that's right for you.

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