Okay first of all, I cannot go to a hairdresser. I have social anxiety disorder and agoraphobia which prevents me from doing a lot of things in public. Please tell me what I can do at home. My hair is naturally medium ash brown. I dyed it black awhile ago. I waited for it to grow out a bit and then I dyed it a dark auburn brown colour. Now I have roots that are medium ash brown, a middle section that is a reddish auburn brown, and black tips. My hair looks horrible! :( My hair is long - almost down to my waist, so I don't want to cut it out. How can I get my hair all one colour, or at least get rid of the red tones (they look AWFUL)? I want my ash hair back. I'd like to be a medium ash brown again - I wish I had've never touched dye in the first place. :( Most of all I just want to get rid of these red tints. Should I bleach it and dye it again in an ash colour (what's the best brand and how exactly should I do it if so)? Or use a toner (if so what kind)? Does anyone have any ideas? Please help! Thanks!