Well, my hair is naturally dark, long and straight, and I've always liked to kept it "smooth and sleek" always super straight. But I did a BIG damage to my hair, I was brushing my hair with one of those roll on brushes and i was in such a hurry that morining that it got all caught and tangled in my hair, so i just could not get it out so i was pulling it off very careful, i finally did get it off BUT my hair tore and broke, soo since then I've had AWFUL flyaways and FRIZZ!!!! of course I would not let my hair that way so i straighten it everyday (which that doesnt work very much either). And to make matters worse I have dyed my hair about 4 or 5 times in less than 5 months!!! soo i REALLY DO want to go back to that AMAZING HAIR DAY, but sometimes it's tooo impossible because i've tried Granier Fructis, Pantene ProV (smooth and sleek), Pantene ProV (hydrating), Dove, Suave, Thermasilk,..etc, and I also have tried the whole system that comes with those shampoos, but they NEVER WORK the only thing that Kind-of gets my hair a little unruly is the straightening iron!!! PLEASE IF SOMEONE KNOW HOW TO BRING HAIR BACK TO LIFE PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!