I have an old debt from 12 years ago for a credit card with Fl Usa Bank. Throughout the years I tried several times to dispute these charges. I was recently sent a Writ of Garnishment from the debt collectors Attorneys and my Bank Account was frozen. It seems that credit card was bought over by Chase JP Morgan, and my bank account has also been bought over recently by Chase (formerly Washington Mutual). I have a lawyer and through him found out that they say I was served at an address where I didn't live at the time Feb. 2005. I have proof that I lived somewhere else. I have deposit from power & light company for Dec.2, 2004, check of deposit and first months rent dated 12-6-2004, etc. I have my credit reports throughout years that shows I disputed amount and a dispute response from 2003. I received the paperwork in the mail, and was shocked I never received notice of a judgement or court hearing! I went to the court next day and filed an exemption of Head of Household, I have 3 children and do not receive $ for their support. I lost my job beginning of this month and am a single parent. The money I had in the accounts was put aside because I live in a house that belongs to my mother which we have been trying to fight foreclosure on and that money was put aside as the rent for her. (in case we can keep the house) Do you think I have a chance to have this 1997 debt dropped? Thanks in advance. :(