I live in Arizona. I received a summons & complaint from Hilco re a Wells FargoBank (WFB)debt. 2 weeks ago. March 27 2007 I am a victim of felony crimes that began when WFB designed and printed 'convenience checks' accessing my accounts, unbeknownst to me, and negotiated access to my accounts with a then 21 year old repeat offender of fraud known by WFB to have accessed other bank customer's accounts fraudulently before mine. I had 800 FICO score, eight WFB accounts all in good standing with long history on no negative activity (2 decades) I had enough cash in the bank to pay the mortgage balances on both of my houses. Post fraud my FICO is so low I dare not even ask . P olice took the posture checks, credit cards and any bank account is the property of the bank and not the individual. WFB never reports the stolen checks or misused accounts and WFB never prosecuted this repeat offender. I was alerted to the fraud July 23, 2004. My checking accounts were depleted negative balance bank charge off by year end 2004 and in December 2004 my platinum credit card was charged in excess of ten thousand dollars which is for the most part overdraft deposits WFB made to the above mentioned closed checking account. Jan. 2005 A grand jury indicment to charge Peter Bonome with the forgery six months after WFB alerted me to the fraud. At which time I read the police report and learn police took into evidence numerous checks on various accounts of mine when executing the search warrant. Police noted One check forged on my account for $4,250.00. I later learn this was yet another convenience check . This one accessing my platinum credit card account .The police report also states police met with WFB regarding the confiscated numerous checks on various accounts of mine, a box of another banks customers and Wells Fargo credit card for yet another customer taken from Bonome's apt. whenexecuting the search warrant. Neither police or WFB disclose to me any information as to the checks. WFB never issued new account numbers to the accounts, even after they alerted me to the fraud in the first place and still not after police met with WFB. .

Over the course in time to date I have endured a long, intimidating legal case to prosecute Peter Bonome who negotiated fraudulent access to my accounts with Wells Fargo. Wells fargo never participated in the prosecution of this repeat offender. WFB simply ignored my requests for account reconciliation and to this day has not given me the victim the most base level of customer service anyone would expect. An account reconciliation.
Because I had 8 accounts that are connected via the WFB features like atm, autopay, online banking etc. it gets complicated and because of the way in which they calculate finance charges I cannot reconcile the accounts myself and need help. I know this much, we are only talking a relatively short period The checking accounts were depleted in approximately 90 days and the platinum credit card in one month charged excess of $10,000 mostly in WFB overdraft deposits and cash advance fees relative to those deposits.
The more I sought help , the more I was avoided. When I complained WFB aggressively pursued my assets.
It is only by the grace of God and good people that I have not lost everything, my life included as a result of this fraud. I t is my firm belief WFB is the perpetrator of fraud. The person I have helped convict appears to be more of a patsy for WFB now. He still deserves to be in jail, but truly there is someone sheltered under the skirt of the OCC protection that deserves even more jail time.

My fico scores that I earned prefraud were 704 - 800 FICO Wells Fargo is the identity thief. WFB reported the negative activity against the victim of fraud. WFB knows I am the victim. WFB knows the circumstances of this fraud. And WFB knows the impact negative credit reporting has.

I've learned every attorney general in the United States have come before Congress to define visitorial powers for the OCC has precluded them from protecting their consumers. I've learned most larger firms have a conflict issue in representing a case against Wells Fargo. The independent attorneys I've talked to either have no experience in this arena or time to accommodate this type of case especially with someone who is out of money. Which brings me to the most recent summons and complaint I mentioned in this start of this question. I am going to ask the court to defer or waive the fee to answer this summons and complaint .I would appreciate any coaching or information relative to Arizona law or pertinent law that I should include in an answer and counter suit. Hilco is claiming $12,727.67 and 10% per annum from date of judgment or default. I can clearly show I never had overdraft deposits which were charged to this credit card. The whole sales pitch to bank customer for overdraft protection is to save you from the $33 overdraft fee and to save you embarrassment from having an item returned. Post fraud the same checking account that WFB charged the overdraft deposits to received repeated WFB $33. Overdraft fees. Please dear God someone help me stop the madness. Thank you in advance.