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    Sep 20, 2005, 10:34 AM
    United States Coming Foreclosure Soon!!
    Congressman Ron Paul Speaks the Truth (again)


    According to Republican Congressman Ron Paul:

    "Congress reacted to Katrina in the expected irresponsible manner. It immediately appropriated over $60 billion with little planning or debate. Taxes wont be raised to pay the bill fortunately. There will be no offsets or spending reductions to pay the bill. Welfare and entitlement spending is sacrosanct. Spending for the war in Iraq and the military-industrial complex is sacrosanct. There is no guarantee that gracious foreign lenders will step forward, especially without raising interest rates. This means the Federal Reserve and Treasury will print the money needed to pay the bills. The sad truth is that monetary debasement hurts poor people the most the very people we saw on TV after Katrina. Inflating our currency hurts the poor and destroys the middle class, while transferring wealth to the ruling class. This occurs in spite of good intentions and misplaced compassion."

    "We face a coming financial crisis. Our current account deficit is more than $600 billion annually. Our foreign debt is more than $3 trillion. Foreigners now own over $1.4 trillion of our Treasury and mortgage debt. We must borrow $3 billion from foreigners every business day to maintain our extravagant spending. Our national debt now is increasing $600 billion per year, and guess what, we print over $600 billion per year to keep the charade going. But there is a limit and Im fearful were fast approaching it."

    "Runaway inflation is a well-known phenomenon. It leads to political and economic chaos of the kind we witnessed in New Orleans. Hopefully well come to our senses and not allow that to happen. But were vulnerable and we have only ourselves to blame. The flawed paper money system in existence since 1971 has allowed for the irresponsible spending of the past 30 years. Without a linkage to gold, Washington politicians and the Federal Reserve have no restraints placed on their power to devalue our money by merely printing more to pay the bills run up by the welfare-warfare state."

    "This system of money is a big contributing factor in the exporting of American jobs, especially in the manufacturing industries."

    "Since the last link to gold was severed in 1971, the dollar has lost 92% of its value relative to gold, with gold going from $35 to $450 per ounce."

    "Major adjustment of the dollar and the current account deficit can come any time, and the longer the delay the greater the distortions will be in terms of a correction."

    End of Ron Paul Message
    __________________________________________________ _____________

    The Federal Reserve Bank is not own by the government, it is the private bankers and foreign lenders and others who own it.

    Every person in the United States needs to demand that the government balance the books, now!! THe coming foreclosure against the United States is very close. Due to numerous Bank and lending fraud, most people who has a mortagage, don't have any protection against this, WAKE UP NOW!!
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    Sep 21, 2005, 06:08 AM
    Very Good.
    But, don't panic. There are those in the Federal Govn't more responsible (meaning who have the ability to know what they are doing in a "common sense" way!) than the current President of the US, and also more responsible than many of those in Congress.

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