My boyfriend is being sued by a major credit card company who passed his debt, some 6,665 dollars (we are not even sure if this is the right amount) onto to a credit collection agency. We have very little documentation and many questions regarding our options. Payments stopped maybe 1 yr and a half ago do to some family problems and layoffs. Everything snow balled and before we knew it we could no longer make payments. At the time we were trying to pay off the debt through care one credit but like I said we could no longer afford to even do that. We planned to pay them back once we got on our feet but apparently we ran out of time.

Is there anyway for them not to garnish his wages? Can we make a deal with the judge like 100.00 a month?

Do they provide you with a public defender? If not, how do we go about getting one?
We are trying desperately not to have to file for bankruptcy but we know nothing about the laws etc.

Does anyone know what the statue of limitations is for New York City?

I know we must sound like complete idiots with our lack of documentation and knowledge but we were nave. I didn't realize this would happen so soon, we were just getting back on our feet and we have two elderly sick parents that count on our pathetic monthly income?

Any help would be much appreciated,