My son, recently married and a new father ( and step father to two children) has made some really BAD financial decisions. He was in trouble with the law in his younger days, spent time in work release, and when he was released, he still owed huge court fines. He got married to a girl that had two children, and they had a child of their own. He still has these huge court fines over him, he has no education, has trouble finding a job, and finding a place to live. It takes everything he has just to pay on his fines, and lately, he gets arrested because he can't pay his fines on time, thus adding more courtcosts and fines. He is getting desperate, and I am afraid that in his despair, he will turn back to a life of crime. Is there anyway that he can get help paying his fines, courtcosts, etc? His drivers license was suspended, and he can't get another one until his fines are paid, so that is another problem. He can't get help with housing, they say because he has a felony on his records. He has tried to straighten his life out, but he can't catch a break. There is no one else in the family to help him, and I am not financially able to help him. Any advice is greatly appreciated on how to help this young family get a fresh start in life. I don't want that precious little baby girl he has to suffer because her parents can't get past their mistakes in life.