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    Apr 29, 2008, 08:13 PM
    Settled Debt;creditor wants more
    Hello. I was sued by Crown Asset Management (Pollack & Rosen). I settled before the court summons for 2400 out of the 3000. When they sent me the stipulation, it claims that I owe 2777+300 court costs. I paid 1200. And plan to pay the other 1200 in the next few weeks. The weird part was that the stipulation made no mention to a settlement. It said that I would pay 1200 on the 8th of each month until the amount was paid in full.
    I called the company to question about the arrangement we had made. The guy said that in the notes there was mention of an agreement to settlement for 2400. He said that in court stipulations, they simply word it to ensure the amount being sued for in court is all accounted for. So once they receive the second payment of 1200, it will be considered pay in full. I signed it and returned it.

    So today I received a letter from Pollack & Rosen saying that on May 10, I will pay 1200. (which I plan to pay) Then on June 10, I will pay 600. (which was not part of the agreement)

    Have I been bamboolzed? Is that true about stipulations, what the guy said?

    If after I pay the May payment, and they still come after me for the remaining balance, what are my choices? I technically have no proof of our agreement because it was done all over the phone. The debt is almost 4 years old. The original amount was no more than 2250.
    Any advice would be great! Thanks
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    Apr 29, 2008, 08:41 PM
    Was any of your agreements in writing? No >>> Guess what Often collection people will lie to you and make phone agreements ( that they never really turn in or make) to get people to pay. Because they are on commission and if they lie or trick you into paying they make money.

    So basically yep, souinds like they lied to you and you need to settle with them 'IN WRITING"

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