I just got a "notice of submission of order under 7-day rule" dated April 6. Pursuant to MCR 2.602(B)(3), a law firm is asking for a judgment if no written objections are filed within seven days after service of the notice. So I have only until Friday, April 13, to object. What do I need to do in order to object? I'm in Michigan.

Here's the background: After trying credit counseling and getting nothing but offers of debt consolidation offers (not one iota of the credit counseling I asked for), I called credit card companies and negotiated for my own debt reduction plan. Because of my medical problem, I was on Discover's hardship program, on an automatic payment plan. Then, for two months in a row, they took double deductions from my checking account. Discover promised to refund it and did not. This set off a horrendous chain of bounce fees, penalties and interest that amounted to several hundred dollars, and marked the beginning of the end for me. I have health problems that have prevented me from working full-time for nearly ten years. I have my own business that puts me way under the poverty level each year but helps me pay my home-office utilities. I work as many hours as I can, which last year was less than quarter-time. The business would be profitable if I could work full time. I was paying for food, medical bills and utilities by credit card--no fancy cars, vacations or expensive restaurants. I've lived frugally, but that event, coupled with some unrelated expensive problems, caused my credit card fees and interest to go through the roof and I finally realized that I have no hope of being able to catch up as I'd been trying so hard to do for so long. So now I'm being sued by Discover for about $13,000. I'm sure other credit card companies will follow with more lawsuits.

Thank you for this wonderful forum. I've learned so much already.