My best friend is going through a really rough time right now. She is bipolar and is making terrible decisions with her life. We have tried everything but nothing gets through to her. She is already in consumer credit counseling and has a part time job and is homeless (living out of her car).

My quesiton is that she has a loan on a 2004 Mazda. SHe still owes lots of money on the loan but she stopped paying the bill about 4 months ago. SInce at this point she is homeless, she doesn't seem to be worried about the car being repo'd because its not parked at the address where her car bill comes and she also doesn't work at the company she was at when she got the car. At what point will her non-payments go from VERY badly affecting her credit to becoming grand theft auto status? In cases like this, what is likey to happen if she doesn't make any payments or turn the car back into the Mazda dealership?