I have a few questions. I live in Georgia. I was served with judgement papers for an old debt from 2000 that I just didn't (and still don't) have the money to pay. I have 30 days to respond to the Clerk of Court.

I have since re-married.

I do not work (my husband does), but I am too ill to get one myself. I own no cars or homes (he does). We do have 2 bank accounts. One he had before we were married. One we got after we were married.

#1 - Does he need to have his paycheck put into an account without my name on it to prevent the possible garnishment they may impose upon me? Will that even help or can they get to his other account to??

#2 - We usually receive a refund on our tax return. Are they able to touch that since I earn no wages and he is the sole provider?

#3 - If I show up to court and let them know I do not work what will be the result of that?

#4 - Since it doesn't appear to show a specific court date, etc. What exactly to I need to show up at the Clerk of Court for?? What do I bring?

This is all pretty new to me so I apologize if I am asking questions that are a bit silly.