This is my dilemma.. I am $64,000 in credit card debt. I cannot pay any of my creditors. We have considered bankruptcy, however, now I am due to collect some inheritance of about $22,000. If I take the money, I cannot file bankruptcy for 1 year and 1 day and if I do file bankruptcy.. we will have to turn the $22,000 over to the trustee of the courts. I know we only qualify for chapter 13. We do not qualify for Chapter 7. I understand that the money needs to go to my creditors, however, I want to keep some and pay the rest towards debt.. the first paying off 1 of our cars. But.. since I can't pay all my creditors, I am stuck... either way, eventually we will have to file as I don't see a way out of the $64,000 credit card debt--but can we wait 1 year and 1 day... or will the garnishments/lawsuits occur before then.? If so... I will be screwed because I won't have the money from my inheritance to pay it back. I also heard that they can go back to whom you paid with the money and ask for it back... so if I pay $14,000 towards the car to pay it off.. they can go back to that creditor and get the $14,000 back... Plus, I don't mean to be greedy, :), but I would like to keep some of the money to pay for a few home improvements. One attorney's office indicated we can keep about 20% of the inheritance.. so they thought... The attorney's won't give you any guidance as to what to do and I understand.. but I am torn as to what to do... file, don't file, wait the year.. see what happens, deal with calls... I just would like another's perspective. Any thoughts?