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    Jan 23, 2007, 09:33 AM
    Honeymoon Debt
    I just got married in November and my husband and I have decided, since we are young and have the time, we would take our honeymoon in Australia. Before confirming the trip, we were well awareof the debt we would be in and have discussed the pros and cons for our future (a house and children).

    What I'm looking for are suggestions to get out of this debt at quick and effectively as possible. We are aiming for 2010, which is only 3 years from now, so we are trying to gather money savings/payback schedule ideas to stay on that track!

    Our next life step is to purchase a house. So with all that in mind, how can we effectively pay our debt off, while saving for our next big purchase - a house?
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    Jan 23, 2007, 09:41 AM
    Without knowing your exact situation its really impossible to advise. We would need to know income, expenses, how much you expect to pay for a home etc.

    Yourt best bet is consulting a financail advisor. But the bottomline is to budget. Make a list of all your fixed expenses and compare that to your income. Allocate a portion for emergencies or whatever expenses and the rest goes into savings or debt reduction.

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