I need help help QUICKLY!! I am 50 days behind on my car payment and they want the whole amount ($840) by this Friday and they want it Money Gram. I did an ebill payment last week that was returned because my paycheck went in on the midnight of Friday-Saturday and I had it set for Friday.I thought that I could go back to their website and try to change it for Friday-Saturday, but couldn't, so it got returned.
I am having a lot of financial problems and want to make at least a small payment, but they want the full amount by Friday. I explained that I won't have any money until the midnight of Friday-Saturday, and they told me, "Well borrow from someone because it we don't get the full amount by 3 pm Friday we are coming to get your car."
I am terrified because the most that I can pay on Saturday (of course) is $400 and the rest next week, but thy won't negotiate with me.
Anyone out there that has negotiated a deal with them? My last payment was in Feb. and I had an extension already with them.
Do you think that they will return my payment when I make it, or will they repo my car?