In 2007 I had gotten a 100 loan from a payday loan company here in las vegas, I messed up and didn't make a payment in January and in march they took me to court and my wages have been being garnished since-in 2010 I had gotten an attorney who was going to file a lawsuit against the company because they were harassing me at work after getting the garnishment and after being asked by my boss to stop calling, well the attorney had sent the company a cease and desist letter in Utah,because they had gone out of business in las vegas, but they claimed they weren't associated with the Nevada office-and during that time I didn't receive anything from the constable (whereas before I was getting court documents every few months) so I decided to not pursue the case even though the attorney had told me I may be able to get some money out of this, well in 2011 I started getting court documents and when I tried to contact the attorney they no longer are involved in cases like this anymore. My question is how can I fight this because they obviously lied to my attorney because the writ of garnishment comes from utah-any ideas and/or advice would be greatly appreciated,