I have a 4 year old credit card debt that will be going to court in one month.
I attended a pre-trial conference a few days ago with no compromise. I had previsously attempted to settle the debt for less than what I owed prior to the pre-trial conference, which only seemed to validate to the collectors that I did not dispute the debt (which I don't, I certainly owe the money, but the amount due is what is in question).
The plaintiff is Capital One, however, Capital One has assigned or sold my account to a collection agency and is no longer dealing with my past due account. My question is: can the law firm who is taking me to court, do so on behalf of Capital One, when my credit card account has already gone to collection?
I am in the process of validating my debt with the law firm (debt collectors) and was curious if they even had a case with Capital One listed as the plaintiff on the court summons.