In order to potentially discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy I will need to meet the three (3) conditions of the Brunner test. I anticipate that I will be laid off at the end of this year. I will be forced to file chapter 7 proceedings. In order to meet the first condition of the Brunner test I must show that repayment of the PLUS loan that I have will cause hardship. I will be able to file for and receive unemployment compensation when I am laid off. This will amount to approx $1200 per month. I will also be eligible to file for ss retirement benefits. My question is , would it be best for me to not file for my ss retirement benefits until after my chapter 7 bankruptcy is complete? I was thinking that in order to show the lowest income possible, (in order to help meeting the Brunner test), it would be best not to be collecting the ss retirement benefit. What do you think?