I enrolled in a program with Debt Shield about a year ago. I have since ended the program and settled 2 of the 4 cards on my own. The other 2 are with the same company, Discover Card, and on one account they filed suit. I answered the summons and countersued. It was been almost 2 months since I answered the summons and I have not heard anything from the courthouse yet. The law firm representing Discover has called me and offered me a settlement which I agreed to pay but I requested they send me information stating that the account would be settled and that they would report the information to the credit bureaus and I would not owe anything else. This was done on the 22nd of December. Since then I have received nothing and they have not taken the money out of my account. I have called the law firm and left messages and they never return my call. What should I do? It seems a little strange that I have to pursue the debt collector but I have the money to settle these accounts and I want the issue over so I can start to restore my credit. The law firm had offered me a settlement on both accounts. Any advice on what I can do or what my options are would be greatly appreciated. Also note that I have called discover and they would not even speak to me in reference to the issue, they directed me right to the law firm. Thanks