I have a 508.00 bill with my ob/gyn from the delivery of my baby (3rd) in April. Since I pay 1k a month for childcare now and didn't have paid maternity leave other than the 2 weeks of vacation/sick time. Money has been extremely extremely tight and I have not had an extra 508.00 to pay it off (cuz if I did my car would pass the emissions test! ) Now I have a collection agency calling me at work. When I told her my situation she replied with:

1. If I can afford a $1000/mth mortgage I should be able to pay my bills. I pay $1k a month not on a big fancy house but because I have a high interest rate!

2. I need to borrow the money from someone. Again, see above!

3. The only payment she can accept is 200.00 and if I send anything less, she will refuse it. I told her I could send between $10-50

I read on another post that "That if they refuse this payrment on actual debt owed, that you will refuse to pay at all and invode estoppel (refusing a payment is waiving their right to get paid at all)". The answer was directed toward a lady in Nebraska, is that still true for IL?

My friend told me that same thing, that if they refuse payment then you can essentially "refuse to pay" so to speak. But I thought that that sounded too good to be true.

I am thinking about filling a complaint with the states attorneys office just because of the comments she made to me. Should I?