We discovered this evening that our bank accounts were frozen by child support. We have had no notification of this from anyone.

My husband has 3 children from his previous marriage About 2.5 years ago my husband lost his job due to serious illness when he got a new job the salary was significantly lower so the he requested a reassessment and the rate was lowered. However his former wife contested the amount so the state would not lower the amount until a court hearing could be held, we've just had mediation in lieu of that and the amount was indeed lowered.

But now we are faced with our bank accounts frozen, we can't even pay rent from our bank account. Can they do this? Do we have any recourse? We have a toddler and I'm concerned that thanks to this mess up we could find ourselves homeless within in a very short time.

We can't afford a lawyer, not even milk for the toddler so once we run out we're sunk.

Any advice? Sorry if this is so jumbled, but I'm not really sure how we fix this.

Many thanks