I received a letter today from Capital One stating that I owe them a little less than $800 and that they had scheduled a date in court in early August in Richmond (over 2 hours from where I live). They said that if I did not pay the amount in full before early August, I had to show up for court.

My situation: I was paying my credit cards until I had to quit my job because I was getting ready to have a baby. I tried letting bill collectors know that I had no source of income and that I very much wanted to pay my debts as soon as I had an income again. My fiancé at the time had been looking for work with no luck. This is not an easy area to find work especially when you have any visible tattoos. Anyhow, when my child was a few months old, I had to have surgery and found myself pregnant again right after the surgery. I have since gotten married, and my husband has still not found a job. I have absolutely no income, and neither does he.

What's going to happen? I can't even make it to Richmond. It's over 2 hours away, and I don't have the money to put into gas nor is my car in good enough condition to take that kind of trip.