Court papers notifying me that I am being sued for payment of a credit card debt was found near my apartment. The writ of summons however was not placed in my hands nor was it sent through the mail. Was I legally notified because the papers were placed on the patio ground of my apartment and found by some kid who found them knocked on my door and pointed at them. The papers were my only notification that I was to appear in court (today, Dec 2, 2008). The server could not get in my building to hand me the papers.. Then I called legal aid and they told me that I should appear and that if I didn't the judge will find for the plaintiff and a judgment will be in place where they can garnish money. I am disable and my only source of income is social security disability insurance. Can they garnish that. I live in the state of Maryland and I can't pay this debt because of my limited income. However I did pay on this debt until my disability happen and although they knew this they continued to pile on late fees, and a high interest rate where I could not even reduce the debt even though I paid something. I just choose to stop because I had to eat and buy medicine. They used there usual harassment tactics to make my life miserable to get their money but I can't pay them no more than a dollar in which they didn't want to accept. I have no other assets.