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    Can a lien be placed on social security check?
    Can a hospital place a lien on you social security check and can one be placed on an IRA account?

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A collection company has placed a lien,frozen my account, on a checking account that has my Social Security direct deposit in it. Last month I made an additional $300 cash deposit into this account. Because of that can they put a lien on the Sociel Security money. How can I remove this lien?

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I received Social security disability payments for a number of years. After some time they determined that I was no longer eligible and they prorated back a dollar amount that they said I was overpaid. I am now on a payment plan to pay it back. Can they put a lien on my house in order to collect...

My ife is receiving a disability check, and I think a Social Security check [ 2 Answers ]

My wife is receiving a disability check, and a Social Security check, can I claim part of it?If he is out of the country and I have proven parternity will he be arrested so I can claim everything?

Lien on social security [ 1 Answers ]

Years ago we had a business that burnt down and got a disaster assistance loan. We were not able to finish paying the loan as our business never came back to life after that. Now, my husband has just started getting social security and they are going to take money out of his check each month to pay...

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The IRS has levied my SS benefits because of an unpaid tax. They take 15% each month. The levy was done before the 10 yr. statute for collection expired. Can the IRS continue this levy indefinitely even after the 10 years are up? I have no other income or property.

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