Hello. I'm trying to find out if filing for bankruptcy before I file for ssdi is better then the other way around. Also, when approved for ssdi, if bankruptcy has already been filed, will that affect future ssdi backpay? I called an ssdi lawyer who said they wouldn't take my case because my student loans are in forberance and ill be filing bankruptcy soon (seeing how I will soon be sued by collection agencies). They said that backpay could be taken for student loans leaving me with having out of pocket lawyer fees. I asked another ssdi lawyer who said they hadn't heard that. I asked my bankruptcy lawyer and he said he didn't see why that would matter. It was a quick phone call and we are going to discuss it more in person. I'm confused and overwhelmed and life isalready hard enough with my illnesses without dealing with all this. If I weren't sck, id be working and paying my bills like I had for the past 20 years. I'm confused, worried, and scared about making the wrong decision. Please help