I am a senior citizen in financial difficulties due to several judgments against me. One of my bank accounts is frozen. I have another one that I only keep a small amount in to pay for my AOL services online which has not been detected as yet.

My car was just totaled and the insurance company issued me a check for half the total amount which is around $1,746, and I do not know how I am going to be able to cash it. I have banking privileges in two supermarkets but they have a limit of two checks in two weeks totaling $750.00. I figure that if I try to deposit a check of that amount in the account that is not frozen, it will set off a red flag and that account will also be frozen. I cannot find any cash checking places in my area.

At this time, this is absolutely the only money I can get my hands on to live on since I am currently unemployed and have six months to go before I can collect Social Security benefits. I am also stranded in a rural area without a vehicle. Any suggestions regarding how I can negotiate this check would be greatly appreciated.