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    Feb 13, 2007, 09:07 PM
    Bank Account Frozen
    My Dad's bank account has been frozen. He is unemployed and what ever funds he has in his account is for rent and medicine. I called the credit card company and they want $600. A month and $100. Thereafter. The total amount due is $1,200. My dad is willing to pay $50-$100 a month. But the attorneys for the credit card company will not agree. What can he do? Should we go to court and file an order and let the courts decide. Please advise. Thanks.
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    Feb 14, 2007, 06:26 AM
    Hello Cass:

    The time for the courts to decide is over. Your dad had a chance there already. He lost. As sad as it sounds, your dad has NO leverage. The bank has the account, and they're not going to let it go - nor do they have to.


    PS> IF they'll take a payment plan, I would certainly do it. MOST collectors, once they have a judgment, NEVER allow payments again.
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    Feb 14, 2007, 08:25 AM
    As excon said, the time to fight this was when they first obtained the judgement. What did he do then?
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    Apr 22, 2007, 06:34 PM
    I am sorry, but he would have received dozens of notices of oweing the debt, he would have received a notice of a court hearing or a notice to respond to about the debt to the court. All of these times was when you needed to work out a deal.

    Now they have a judgement, that means they all ready went to court, and not only got the judgement, but also an attachment ( garnishment) of his bank accounts, and if there was not enough money in it, they will also garnish his pay if and when he gets a job.

    If they did not give proper notice or violated some law in the attachment, you can file an appeal, but the money is frozen while you do. Also any checks written is going to bounce that means you will have a negative in the bank account very quickly if there are outstnading checks.

    Also don't put any more checks into that account, it will just be taken

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