Hi. I am a final year Fine Art student at university. My dissertation is concerning artists, who were terminally ill, and used art to cope with what was happening to them. This has started taking over my practice, as I want to bring in the idea in my art work. Instead of reading information from books or having a secondarily story from another point of view, I would like to hear personal stories, which have not been used anywhere else. I usually make portraits of people who happen to be sharing a journey together, e.g. a bus ride to the university. I take notes of conversations I overhear, which later are recorded and displayed over the portraits via projector. Most of the conversations are silly, but some Ė shocking, in many different ways, however, because I travel within 10 miles, I donít want to include private information, which might be identified by people who will see my work.

I would like if you could tell a story, which relates or doesn't relates to the illness. That is your decision.

I have seen many questions, which have been answered before by many people, however, I would like people to know what I am doing, before using their answers in my work.

All the answers will be anonymous, and names won't appear anywhere.