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    Oct 26, 2018, 10:47 PM
    How to represent entrusting in a drawing
    I was asked to represent "entrusting" in a drawing. I think you did not understand what I want right? I was the same, it seems like the person who asked it from me basically wanted something like consignment, or honesty or reliability, something of such, you know, like, when you trust someone with something and that person was trustworthy, so when you come to collect your thing is as it is. You get it? I hope you do because I know I am awful at explaining. So I am supposed to represent that in a drawing, but it should be something like a poster, like a drawing with some words so it's like a poster.

    If you understood my weird explanation please help me with your ideas.
    Thanks in advance
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    Oct 27, 2018, 12:37 AM
    It would depend somewhat upon the theme and what is being entrusted. It seems to me like "entrusting" involves a certain amount of vulnerability on the part of the one entrusting: the one who is taking on the responsibility is also committing to protect and care for whatever they are entrusted with. It could be something big or small- a valuable item, a letter, or even a life (like being entrusted with someone's child). I would think that in such a drawing, looking for elements of protection as well as vulnerability would be key attributes.

    How vulnerability, protection, and trust would look in art or the kind of art you want to do, however, is up to you. I hope I helped. I could look at visual examples (especially if you did a few different ones) and give you feedback further.

    You could use imagery of hand holding, embracing, protection, defense, trust, and a transfer of some sort. I would imagine there might be two parties or more involved (by parties I do not necessarily mean people, but 'things' or entities).

    If you wanted to challenge yourself as an artist, you might try combining multiple meanings into one image.
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    Oct 27, 2018, 04:37 AM
    I think you start with whatever the client is wanting to be trusted with. Then you can expand and embellish in all kinds of ways. The more you know about the client and his product the easier you can serve him in many creative ways. A smiling customer is a strong image.

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