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    Edward Gross (HELP FIND) Print/Postcard "Who wants to ring a little belle?"

    Asked Jan 24, 2017, 12:20 AM —
    I'm desperately looking for information regarding a print of postcard of a little girl bent down swinging a ring through her legs with the caption that says something like "Who wants to ring a little belle". I found some information online under the library of congress copyright catalog from 1913 found under the link below. That listing is how I found this site as it shows the listing under Gross, Edward, colored postcards, Who wants to ring a little belle, April 23, 1913; 2 c. April 22, 1913; K 58058. With that no I have tried to find this print without success. The reason I'm looking for this is because this print/postcard is a part of a very special memory my Mom has with her Grandmother. If anyone can provide me with any information it would greatly be appreciated. I've search and search over the last few years looking for it or any information regarding it.
    Sincere hanks for your time and help!




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