I have a watercolor/print of this painting. It came from my great aunt who was born around 1900 in Milwaukee, WI. The image is approx. 9 3/4"x8 3/4" and has visible what I would call "lines" very close together running vertically through the paper (almost gray in color)when looking at it closely, with tiny dots of white sporadically in those lines. There is a brass or some sort of metal tag on the back that reads F.H. Bresler Co Fine Arts Milwaukee on it. I did take the picture apart(it was held in by little nails) and the image looked to have been cut out because there was a thin line of lighter color around the edges. I was thinking it should have been on thin paper but it resembled a posterboard material. Looked online to find similar old prints but could only find places that will sell you currently made copies. It seems to be a little faded,not bad but not as colorful as the ones online,mine is more subdued in color(possible fading?). Just thought the paper it was on was sort of weird to me and if anyone could tell me how old it might be? Anyway, as always any info would be great- the image is lovely to look at and appreciate it everyday! Did not know anything about the artist until I did a search one day by putting in " rabbit 1502 AD" and imagine my surprise. For those who have not seen his work and love art -you need to take a look - outstanding!! Thanks again for taking the time to read!