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    May 3, 2012, 02:08 AM
    Collector's Guild LTD, NY- "original etching" "Pour Roby" Picasso "Star Scene" J Moro
    Both pictures have stickers on the back stating with a "certification seal" that the Picasso is a original etching and the Joan Miro is a lithograph. Moro looks real to me but I can't take the frames off to feel if the paint is real or maybe I don't know what a lithograph should feel like just a good

    The Picasso has what looks like a cut out piece of a catalog paper that my dad who died in 1970 taped on the back of the frame starting this costs $145 dollars and has the numbers on it... 436683. It also states on it that the plate was created by the artist himself and then signed. Pulled prior to 1970 at Bank Street Atelier.

    Could these be for real... or did my dad get dubbed in those years as far as what was real or not?

    I also have a "HOI" with a real signing and numbered 75/275 and the certificated says the same... no other info on it... same Guild. Pic of some grassy green garden like scene quite a large picture.

    Thanks for your help! Any help is appreciated.

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