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    May 11, 2011, 06:18 AM
    Ask a tattoo artist?
    I have a really intricate, complicated detailed idea for a back piece. I want it to be centered around world beliefs. But only religious and philosophical.. No politics.
    I have started drawing it, and even though I am a decent drawer, it's far more complex, but I'm sure any artist could improve the design if they work of my rough draft? But I'm worried I might overwhelm or ask too much of an artist if I ask them for this, because of the intricacy and precision needed. One question is, do you generally pay the artist to do a sketch?

    The second question, how much can a full back piece range to? And third, here is the description, what would you quote is around? I'm expecting it to be in the thousands.

    I want four layers, The bottom layer is Hell, I want the devil reaching his hand through the crust of the earth to the second level, around him I want Hades, and Anubis, and I want a crimson dragon curled around Satan, and I want demons. I want this part at the bottom of my back, the bottom 1/5. and I want flames around them.

    The second layer is Earth and I want two armies clashing, a modern soldier army, and a Medieval Knights army. In the middle I want satan's hand reaching up from between the armies creating a fissure, with a storm coming from satan's fist. I want there to be a Mosque on the Medieval side (left side) and I want a Torii gate on the Modern side (right) and the military surrounding and climbing on both of them. This is 1/8 of my back right above hell.

    Then I want dark storm clouds emitting from Satan's fist, and I want there to be the four horsemen, where is look like they're running out of the black storm cloud, and off my back. I have a picture, that I want this to be.
    This is 1/3 right above Earth.

    Above Sky is "Heaven".I want the harsh storm clouds to fade into Light white/peachish clouds. I want Brahma to be in the middle, surrounded by Odin, Thor, and other norse gods, with Osiris and Isis, Buddha, Zeus, and other important greek gods, I want Jesus to be behind Brahma towards the top of my back, with his halo/head at my collar line.

    I want to incorporate a little more muslim, daoist and shinto as well But I'm not sure how yet.

    I know this is extremely complicated, that's why I'm afraid to overloud a tattoo artist by asking for a sketch.. I'm open to changes but for the most part this is what I want.

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    May 11, 2011, 07:23 AM

    If you can post a picture of what you have come up with as an idea of what you was thinking... it might help steer some of the more artistic types in the right direction.

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