Happy New Year Everyone!

I am currently researching Girty's Island in the Maumee River, near Florida Ohio. Looking for artifacts from a time long ago.

So far I know that Simon Girty hid there and his brother George had a trading post, both in the 1700's. I have also learned that there was other structures built on the island in the early 1900's, one being a victorian amusement park. I have also heard rumors that there was also a dance hall at one time.

This past summer, I found the remains of an old foundation and the remains of a log used in the building with the log tag still attached. This foundation is nothing like what we see today. I am looking for information that may lead me to what remains I have found so I can identify the time in which it was built. I am also looking to know what all structures once stood on the island. This would help date any artifacts I may find.

Sincerely hoping someone know something. :)