I have a Whirlpool Gas dryer model # LGR7646HQ1. The igniter works and the flame comes on but only burns for about 30-45 seconds than turns off. If I stop the dryer and restart it 15 seconds later it repeats the same cycle of igniting than dying.

I checked the exhaust hose, it is clear as is the stovepipe it attaches to. I disconnected the stovepipe from the outside grill and let the dryer vent into the house and the same thing happens. As a result I don't believe the problem has anything to do with the dryer venting system. I checked for continuity in what I believe is the thermostat, a piece with 2 wires that sits on top of the "fire tube housing" and has a little glass window on the underside. The part tests positive for continuity.

Any other thoughts?