My little Whirlpool dryer (LEW0050P) has begun to squeak shrilly, off and on, mostly on. It only squeaks when the canister is turning, stops when it pauses, and comes back when it starts again. It sounds like rubber on metal - and I have a hunch that a belt need lubricated.

Question one: how does an enterprising young lad open the little guy up? I don't see any screws on the front...

Question two: is there a wax or oil that's recommended?

Question three: if it weren't the belt, what would by your next best guess.

Question four: the dryer is on top of the washer and crammed into a very tight little nook in my very small condo. It was a supreme challenge getting it in (the hose kept falling off.) So, it would be great if I didn't have to move the thing. Is this possible?

Thank you to all the helpful, mechanically-inclined people out there.