I received a new double wall oven courtesy of my home warranty... They delivered the oven but would not install it as there was a plug and not a junction box to hard wire it. Being handy-ish, I went to Lowe's and bought a 3 prong plug for the 3 prong receptacle. I then took the 4 wires from the oven and attached them to the plug with the two hots on the outside, and the neutral (combined with the ground) to the top. I plugged it in and there was no lights on the oven. I checked power and there was power to the outlet and power to the oven.

Shortly after, an old vent stack from a previous gas oven slipped and touched the back of the wall oven causing the lights to come on in the oven. I thought maybe it had jiggled a loose wire, but after touching the vent stack and oven at the same time, I got a nice shock!

(I've read dozens of different blogs/forums on this and am still confused)

Any ideas?