My 1963 GE single wall oven, model JC16W2BC, quit. I was preheating it when a halogen flood light on the same circuit as the oven blew out. I replaced the bulb and a short time later noticed that the oven was not getting very hot & that the bake element wouldn't glow red, no matter how high I turned the thermostat. I speculate that the bake element is kaput, brought on by a voltage spike.

The questions are:
- reasonable diagnosis? How to confirm?
- fix or replace? Considering the oven's age, should I expect a lot more problems? (Consumer reports seems to think so).
- if fix, should I try to do it myself or call a repairman? Does it sound straightforward? I don't know much about electricity/ovens, but I have common sense, an inquiring mind, and basic tools like a screwdriver and voltmeter :)
- if fix where can I find parts? Not finding this old model in anyone's online database, I called GE twice and got 2 different answers: #1: order #WB44X125 for $70.20, #2: they no longer have parts for this 45-yr-old oven.

Thanks for your help.

- Anne