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    Aug 13, 2013, 09:06 AM
    Upright freezer has solid frost from top shelf to top coils
    I just defrosted my upright freezer and from the top shelf to the top was solid frost. It has only been two weeks and there is a lot of frost already building up on the top coils and around the light.
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    Aug 13, 2013, 09:46 AM
    Check the gasket for damage or debris attached to it or the sealing surface.

    Sounds like you have air infiltration from somewhere.
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    Aug 14, 2013, 05:31 AM
    It sounds like both an air leak and a failure of the defrost system, if it's a frost-free freezer. The defrost system has a defrost timer, defrost heater, and a defrost terminator (or thermostat, which it is). The defrost timer can be found either next to the thermostat or under the unit and you can recognize it because it's a plastic box and has a one-way screw on the front. They have universal ones, but they have to match the type you have. The defrost heater and terminator (wired at one end of heater)Redirect Noticeare located where the coils are located, but some freezers have hot gas defrost systems which have a reversing valve to work like a heat pump to heat the coils. Most new freezers and refrigerators have this system. If it has a heater you can test it with an ohm meter, or many times you can see if it's burned in two. Replace all this and it will run for another five to seven years or more. Make sure to clean your coils under the unit once a year with soap and a spray of water from hose nozzle, if possible, and clean the condenser fan blades plus oil the motor.
    The air leak, if there is one, may require a new gasket. To replace it you will have to remove the door and lay it flat on a support in the sun. Remove the screws around the door and remove the inside liner. When you replace it put a bead of GE Clear Silicone Caulk around the edge of that liner. This is very important. Put it on both sides of gasket so it will seal out any air leaks to inside of door. To test it you may put a bright flashlight on inside of freezer in various places and shut door with no lights in room. This may show any leaks. Good Luck.

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