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    Jun 4, 2010, 08:57 PM
    Top Load Whirlpool Washing Machine during spin cycle makes a loud noise
    The washing machine makes a loud squeeking/rubbing noise on spin cycle. About a year or so I started finding silver balls rolling at the bottom of the washer basket. 8 years old and is a Whirlpool Top Load Help!

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Whirlpool washing machine spin cycle not draining all the way. Don't think spining slower than normal

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Hello, I own a Maytage Neptune MAH4000 washing machine. Lately, the spin cycle has been getting more noisy until now when it sounds like an airplane ready to taxi down the runway. I opened the back of the washer to observe and noticed a lot of vibration and large sway of the tub during spin. ...

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Wondering if there is a quick fix to my problem, the water in my washer drains OK but the clothes are all wet when the spin cycle is finished?

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I have removed motor and gearbox/transmission from cabinet. I had to replace the drive/motor coupler on a previous washer so I thought that may have been the problem this time also. I separated the motor from gear box to check the coupler. It was NOT broken. I tried to start the washer with it out...

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