Ok... so someone gave me this cute child's toy Singer Sewhandy Electric sewing machine.
This is a child's "toy" sewing machine. It has no bobbin, no reverse. It does only chain stitching.
I inspected it before trying to turn it on, good thing too because the way the motor was mounted inside it would have started sparks flying. Im pretty sure that the motor isn't the correct one for that model... there's no way to fit the motor for proper allignment with the machine, the mount holes in the case and the ones on the motor can not line up with each other... the person who put the motor in the case forced it and shattered one of the mounts as a result.
I went to Singers website and I was able to find out that this Sewhandy is a Model 50, Made in Britain in 1962. Ive spent hours online searching for info on this machine... Ill settle for just one picture of the motor mounted inside the case. These toy machines that chain stitch use special motors and they are mounted under the machine in the bottom of the case where a child won't be hurt by it.
I collect sewing machines and love fixing them, but this one has me pulling my hair out.
The motor has a few numbers printed on it... I don't know what the numbers are for but maybe someone out there might.. 28350 - 3 and on the side B 221 Made in USA.
What Im hoping for is that someone that owns the same sewhandy model well stumble upon this and take a picutre of theirs and show it to me.. lol..
Thanks for reading this... ;o)

Good luck and may the force be with you