I am replacing the propane Cook-Top, 4 burner in my boats' galley (location USA) with a new one made in Italy. The new one has a Compression Female fitting on the propane input, and a adapter 90 degree elbow Male Compression/Male NPT fitting that came with the stove. I bought a 20ft. Propane 3/8 hose, female/female at a supply house and the clerk sold me a Adapter female Flare/male Flare to go on the hose to connect to the NPT fitting saying to be sure to use the yellow Teflon tape on the male threads of the NPT fitting. My Question: Is this the safe and acceptable practice (NPT male to Flare female using tape) or should there be a adapter that is NPT female with male flare? Or is there no such thing as a female NPT?