I have a mid 80s maytag dryer, very low usage, with those single center knob controls. From previous questions and answers I have sen on a related issue, I have determined the motor is the problem, this is why: when you try and start it , the motor groans but does not start, if you keep pushing it orhold it in and let it groan you will smell the electric ozone odor. How I start the dryer is to remove the cover plate on the back near the motor and pulley, and I manually assist the motor by pulling up in the proper direction on the belt to jump start it. This will only work when the dryer is fully cooled down and sat awhile. Works fine other wise. But as I really don't like taping the door shut, leaning it forward, and reaching back and yanking on the belt ( a new one of 4 months). Does the entire motor need replacing? Or could bearings need a lube or something?