My Maytag Neptune Dryer, Model MDE5500AYW, Serial 36492683ZF, has "8.8." on the display panel and will not respond to any control input. The power went out and when it came back on the panel was showing "8.8." and the code will not clear. I have reset the circuit breaker, and unplugged the dryer several times but panel still shows "8.8." and nothing will operate. If the door is opened the light will come on, but nothing else works. This happened the last time our power went out, but the dryer just "fixed itself" after a few hours. This time it has been over 10 hours and it is still stuck on "8.8.". Any ideas on how to reset the circuit board and clear the "8.8." code. Or why every time the dryer loses power it freezes with this "8.8." code on the display?
Thank you for any help with this.