When I bought my machine, the previous owner offered the following description:
It is about 2.5 years old. We had some problems with it spinning the proper speed after moving it. The repair people told us it was due to using too much soap or being imbalanced. Had it repaired a couple times, but occasionally it still had a problem. It would spin properly for a while sometimes, then after a while, it would work fine again.
After one poorly loaded wash, the problem has reoccurred. So far, it has not decided to "work fine again". Apparently, there is not an owner's repair manual available.
When I searched another forum, I found the following:
Model number 417.43042. First drop the bottom panel and check the drain pump for debris, coins, etc. This model will not go into high spin if the pressure switch detects there is water in the tub. There was also a service flash out on this model regarding the timer not advancing. This had to do with electrical noise generated by the opening and closing of the timer contacts. This sent corrupt signals to the motor controller and the washer would stall in cycle. They corrected this problem by adding 3 jumpers to the motor controller. Part 134306000. My feeling is that you have a pump drain issue, but it's hard to tell without being there.

Is my model older than the 417.43042, meaning this should not be the problem, or is there the same service flash & correction for mine 417.41042000? Tags on the wiring indicate: "assembled in Mexico 2001".
I checked the "Hose-coin trap-tub to pump" (part #131784700), found & removed a quarter. When I put everything back together, it still will not work; it doesn't even want to agitate.
Will it operate without clothes in it, so I can monitor the operation?

If there is a service flash, how do I get information about it? I went to a Sears service center, but this location employs cashiers, no technicians.
Thank you so much for helping, I found this problem after returning from a week vacation January 1st. I didn't break it, but it seems I must fix it.