I have an Elite He 4T frontloading washing machine, it is almost 3 years old - no more warranty! It has been giving me the F 02 error code, which is "Drain Problem". There are no items in the drain on the inside of the machine, I tookoff the hose it is clear. I stuck a wire hanger down the opening in the wall where the hose goes it is clear. It is also between 30" and 96" from the bottom of the washer as manufacturer suggested. I use HE detergent. The machine stops every minute F 02 and I have to push the cancel and start button then it stops 1 or 2 minutes later and I do the same, Here and there it willl throw a "suds" error, and add even more water. Eventually the clothes are still soaking wet, there is water in the bottom of the wash basket. If I push "drain and spin", the "F 02" and "suds" night mare starts all over. I have even run a couple cycles with no detergent, in case there was some kind of build up, and it does the same. I have spent hours trying to get through a cycle. Any suggestions before I hand over mega money to SEARS!!