I have a Kenmore Elite dishwasher with "Sensor ATC" and "Ultra Wash" and "Quietguard Elite" across the front of the appliance face. It has worked perfectly until yesterday. It will not start on any cycle. I CAN get it to drain by hitting the CANCEL button. I have tried to get it to start a FAVORITE CYCLE, nothing happened. I tried to see what was last run by hitting and holding down the START button, nothing... there IS power to the unit, there isn't a blockage to the hosing, as it DOES drain when the CANCEL cycle button is hit (this also functions as a drain cycle). The only atypical thing I did notice was when I hit Normal wash, several buttons lit up at once... I suspect the connections to the key pad sensors may have given way... but I'm not sure and I need help in:

Diagnosing the problem

Fixing it

Asking for the right parts


Catherine :-)