I have a electric Kenmore Heavy Duty, Super Capacity Dryer, Model # 110.60602990, Type # DWJR-ELE-2406028-FM54. I bought this dryer used a few months ago. It is about 4 years old (I was told) but wasn't used for the past 3 years, due to a living situation.
My dryer takes a LONG time to heat. It takes four 60 minutes cycles to dry a slightly larger than average load, and three 60 minute cycles to dry most any size load.
I live in Alaska, and it is quite cold now (-20 to -30 below). I have a large amount of frozen moisture building up around my dryer vent and up the side of the house, and I have been cleaning it off to keep it from blocking the vent. However, I am also getting a large amount of water in my vent hose, assumedly condensation? I live in a daylight basement apartment, so the dryer vent is higher than the dryer by a couple of feet.
I am not sure what to do, and don't know if the information provided is helpful or not. Thanks for anything you can do to lead me in the right direction.