I have an older GE washer (about 5-7 years old) that has started making a loud, dry metallic grinding sound when running.

I had to replace the clutch about 4 years ago and recently the clip that holds it in place came loose and I had to snap it back in place. The washer worked fine for a few weeks, then started running extremely loudly. I've made sure it is level and ran the spin cycle when empty and it still made the noise, so I don't think it's a balance issue.

The clutch has somehow gotten rusty and could be a part of the problem, there is also rust on the motor. I have no idea how either could be rusty, since it's always been inside and I've never noticed any leaks from it. There is no evidence of oil anywhere, but I did notice a good amount of metal shavings, likely from when the clutch came loose.

I can replace the clutch again with no problem, but I wonder if I need to replace the motor, or if it could be something else.